In this article , you will get to understand the marketing from a conceptual level to its practical application in the present world and the footsteps for creating a successful marketing trail.

Why learn Marketing ??

It’s important to answer this before we move further.

The knowledge of marketing has a greater shelf life than majority of the domains because it is related to psychology and understanding the market. A technology may become obsolete in this fast changing world as new innovations are driven but that is not the case with marketing.

No machine can form connections with humans. Marketing is about connecting and understanding the economics , market and psychology of the humans. Hence its relevance to offer employment opportunities is definitely higher provided you equip yourself with the right set of skills.

The Law of Marketing :

When I was a child I had a very narrow conception of Marketing. I am sure a lot of us do. I thought it is just making the sales of the product happen one way or the other. But now having experienced and observed the domain, I had begun to see the science in marketing that is more than just creative advertisements.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” — Tom Fishburne

It begins by finding the solutions that market demands. Marketing starts before creating the product. It starts with understanding the customer’s needs that leads to creating a product that fits. When you understand the demand you are understanding the audience who are going to become your potential customers in the near future. And finally when you have clear understanding of your customers, you don’t need marketing to sell. The demand and the word of mouth makes the product sell by itself. That is why its much based on science.

The Importance of communication :

“Speak to your audience in their language about what’s in their heart.” — Jonathan Lister

A good marketing is that which makes its customers easily understand the utilities of the service or product in as simple manner as possible.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing :

The conventional ways of brand marketing used ever since marketing and advertisements came into existence is known as traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is more suitable for generic products with very wide targeting like TV ads , newspaper ads that can reach millions at low cost.

where as digital marketing is the most trending marketing medium that is extensively used by entrepreneurs for brand promotion.

Some of the digital marketing platforms are : Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Email marketing ,Affiliate marketing, Google AdWords, Content marketing.

Its also the best medium to reach the affluent population. And certainly digital marketing is more specific to reach a niche audience who are looking for specific solutions rather than generic solutions.

Digital Marketing is a dynamic domain. The techniques and the methods to reach the audience keeps changing. But Marketing as a concept is not going to change. It is linked with human psychology as we have seen before. Sticking to the fundamentals and principles of marketing can add timeless value regardless of the medium in which the marketing is done.


Never let marketing become more important than the product. This is the line that underpins core idea of direct response marketing.

When you focus on marketing alone it may bring you the fruits in the initial phase but it is definitely not a sustainable way to build your reputation. The cracks are going to be visible sooner or later.

Direct response marketing is understanding the customers needs by taking their valuable inputs and simultaneously working to improve the pitfalls of the product. It is a constant process that can make the product relevant to changing times and demands.

Make the customers so happy that they go on referring people. Without a good product, Marketing will only result in the death of the service.

The CATT marketing Funnel :

Its a framework of how you are going to execute your digital marketing campaigns.

It starts with content creation , capturing the attention , forming the trust that finally results in the finalization of the transaction.

This framework offers a successful path that one can set to build various kinds of relationships among the marketer , the customer and the product itself.

[n] — Niche : Your success and wealth depends on the niche you choose. If you try to be everything for everyone then you will be nobody to everyone.

[C] — Content : create useful content that attracts people from your niche. Blog posts, videos, Live webinars etc., are very helpful in this regard.

[A] — Attention : Drive traffic to your content using SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads and Referrals

[T] — Trust : Trust can be built by deep marketing .You can send communications that are personalized. so that each customer feels that you are communicating with them directly to the point.

[T] — Transaction : Convert your leads into customers with natural sales methods. Natural sales means you already have a target customer and this customer is already looking for your product. This happens after building trust.

Integrated Digital Marketing :

The way the CATT funnel is executed is using Integrated Digital Marketing.

For a successful digital marketing campaign one cannot expect sales by simply doing random things on social media . Only a methodical approach can give results as described in the flowchart i.e., Integrated digital marketing.

CATT is the frame work of what a potential audience go through in different stages. Integrating Digital Marketing is how you execute it. There will be people at every stage from attention to transaction.

The Power of Personal Branding :

Its not enough to be good at something people should know that you are good at something . Only then will you be reached. Its also the easiest way to build trust with people.

People want to hear from people , not from brands and companies .The best examples of this can be seen in the sports personalities , state leaders , business icons. Its the personality that has greater following than their association with entities.

Sharing your story to people can help in forming connections and making an imprint of your personality too in the minds of people.

Evolution of Personal Branding :

You can evolve your personal brand by upskilling yourself, working on implementing them, blogging and building your brand, consulting others using the knowledge gained, mentoring and running a startup. This is a continuous cycle using which mass trust is attained.

Here we arrive at the final spot after discussing in brief — TREADING THE PATH FOR A VALUED MARKETING IN THIS DIGITAL ERA. I hope you have gained a brief insight into the world of marketing.

I would also love to hear your thoughts or insights in the field of marketing in the comment section below.

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