This is the story of a simple guy named Akhil when he was 22 years old.

Akhil has always been a studious person and was brought up in a traditional family. By the time he has completed his graduation, he was welcomed to meet a set of societal and family expectations to take up a good job and carry on with his life. He had a standard set of benchmarks waiting for him to meet like - To gain work experience and increase the salary package from year on year or probably do an MBA, then get married, have kids and make the kids repeat the same. He knew it would give him a good life. The majority of the population do the same and even happy too. But Akhil on contemplation in this period felt his capabilities can be better harnessed and his ability to experience life and make an impact can be better achieved by other means which he felt he should give a shot at.


Things don't go as planned and life may not be what you deemed it to be. Some things are out of everyone's control. We can only make the best of our efforts and expect things to turn out well. But when faced with resistance and failures it's important to not crib about the past. It makes one's thoughts stiff and there is no free flow of ideas. Focus on learnings and ask ourselves whenever in doubt about resetting the goals and priorities.


Today in 2028 , Akhil operates multiple green houses that grow a wide variety of crops, fruits and and vegetables in the most organic way possible. With the support of the technical-know regarding plant-growth, best forestry practices and horticulture techniques ,that he has gained working across the other parts of the country he has diverse set of more than 100 different species of plants that are being grown on his green houses.

He also sells his durable produce , custom-made organic products and conducts training sessions on his website . Though he knows the reach is smaller because of the product durability he wants more people to learn and set up these green houses in small scale in their regions so that this healthy diet can be made accessible for everyone. He also assists in setting up these houses where he charges certain amount depending on the scale and requirements of the client. He has no plans to expand his further scale of operations and focus on the quality and not the quantity. Instead he wants more people to be assossciated with the system keeping in view the scale of the population that needs to be catered. He also says that the margins are not high taking into account the operating costs and amount of work being done. But he feels he is happy doing what he’s doing.

Recently he has also been able to generate certain steady revenue from the clients that expressed interest to setup these small scale houses.

When asked about his views on success and goal setting ,

“There is a certain regressive thinking process about working for goals. Goal may not be static at all. What might be your goal for certain time ‘may’ change with the experiences you gain in the process of working towards it.

But the important thing is you to be a better version than you were the day before.

Eventually ,Success is doing something what one feels is worth doing!”


Akhil also loves wildlife. He has a hobby of researching various kinds of life on the planet. He has been to various national parks and sanctuaries and it always awes him to the core of how beautiful the natural creation is. He has a big bucket list to visit and connect with as much wildlife as he can on this diverse planet. He also loves to cook particularly south indian varieties and likes to spend time with his family.He is a minimalist and has no craving for luxury goods and unnecessary items that he thinks will just complicate his life.